Nonprofit of the Month - Partnership for Families, Children and Adults

Want to hear something remarkable? Partnership for Families, Children and Adults has been serving people within the Chattanooga area for over 140 years. This organization has been a prominent force since 1877 and has been growing exponentially since then. Partnership focuses on five specific service areas: Stability Services, Victim Support Services, Deaf Services, Mission Driven Enterprises and Elder Support Services. Within those areas, there are 20+ different programs that all work towards helping individuals and families build stability and create independence. If you are like me, you probably knew of Partnership and were aware of maybe one or two service areas that this organization targets. When talking with one of their Executive Directors, Regina McDevitt, I was overwhelmed by the number of people she told me that Partnership helps—22,560 total clients directly served in 2016-2017 as a matter of fact!  

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