Executive Director/Social Worker- Signal Mountain Social Services:

Signal Mountain Social Services: Executive Director/Social Worker: Job Description

Mission Statement:

We are a private non-profit Social Service agency dedicated to meeting the needs of families and individuals living in Hamilton County, 37377 zip code, during times of crisis and challenge. Our long-term focus is to help clients become self-reliant. By making investments in the lives of our clients, we can become the bridge to a brighter future.

For more information: http://signalmountainsocialservices.org

Educational Background: Must have a degree in counseling or social work related area or equivalent experience. Bachelor or Masters Degree

Experience: Must have experience working in a social services setting with a wide variety of populations. Experience counseling with clients, case management, fundraising, managing budgets, and multiple employees is necessary. Must be able to solve issues with both proven tools and approach problems with innovative solutions.

Candidate should have experience working with and reporting to a board, setting budgets, working with volunteers and overseeing the operations of a social service agency. Candidate needs excellent communication skills necessary for working with a variety of clients, donors, employees and volunteers.

Candidate should be organized yet flexible and able to perform with minimal supervision. Ability to engineer large scale community projects is a must. The skills to motivate through a positive attitude, yet able to set boundaries would be necessary for success in this position.

Candidate should be able to participate in physical task (carry boxes up stairs) and be comfortable with current and new technology (Microsoft Word, Kindful donor software and Google documents/sheets)

General Description of Position:

As Executive Director he/she will oversee and participate in the daily operations of the Agency. He/She reports to the Board any issues or concerns that may arise. The Director is a member of the Board and makes recommendations but does not vote.

The Director is responsible for budget forecasting, completing grant proposals from mountain Churches, civic organizations, The United Way and writing the annual report distributed to donors and board. Director oversees public relations, including speaking at community organizations about the agency. (Part time social worker can also do this) Director oversees the budget and makes adjustments to services as necessary. The Director is responsible for funding, fostering relationships with donors and identification of prospective donors as well as oversight of our annual fundraising campaign.. Director fosters a transparent attitude inviting questions from donors, board and the community at large.

The Director is responsible to see that all special projects are successful based on the project objectives. Director coordinates with all Committees and motivates Council members. Director is responsible for overall planning of Christmas Baskets along with coordination from both social workers.

The Director works as a Social Worker providing case management which can include but is not limited to: assessment, home visits, life skills counseling, advocacy, forming an action plan, referral to other agencies outside of our areas of service and following through with clients to assess progress. Also includes networking with area schools, police, fire department, civic organizations and Churches. Total Social Worker responsibilities are shared between the Director and two additional part time social workers. Director/Social Worker makes daily decisions regarding assistance given to clients and coordinates with Council when specific assistance is needed (for example: home repair projects) Director/Social Worker and part time social workers are responsible for picking necessary items for projects as needed.

Director oversees office staff of 2 part time social workers, Food Pantry Manager, Financial Administrator, Clothes House Manager and staff, Tutors, all volunteers (30 office and various other volunteers)

Director is responsible for the oversight of the Clothes House managing the manager to ensure that the Clothes House meets all financial objectives. Director is responsible for managing the Food Pantry manager to ensure that goals are met.

Agency Culture

We are proud to be a 5013(c) Social Service Agency with an annual budget of $227,000 for 2019. While we take very seriously our mission to help our neighbors in need, our legal obligations and using all of our resources wisely, we also really enjoy working with each other. We have become friends through this process and we have fun as we work together to serve our clients. We also know that this agency is bigger than any one board member, volunteer or employee. We strive to maintain a Board and Staff that works as a cohesive team and do not tolerate any individual who does not support the mission of the Agency. We know from experience what a cohesive, well communicating Board can accomplish.

As an Agency we know that it can be difficult for clients to learn new life patterns. We respect our clients and request the same from them. We offer our clients options and direction that can ultimately change their lives.


Generally the Director/Social Worker will work 16-20 hours per week. There will be a variety of times during the year that hours will exceed 20 hours per week. Compensation will be competitive with other non-profits of our size.

Please mail resume and cover letter to:

Signal Mountain Social Services

PO Box 294

Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Re: Executive Director Position