Teacher Assistant- Chambliss Center for Children

Teacher Assistant

Under the direction of the Executive and Associate Directors of Extended Child Care and the Team Leader, has primary responsibility for the physical, educational, emotional, and social well being and the supervision of his/her assigned group of children.


1. Assists the teacher in all activities of the assigned group of children when on duty, including the supervision of children inside and outside the building, during special events, and during all other activities.

2. Assists in carrying out all activities scheduled for the assigned group of children.

3. Assists in maintaining an orderly classroom.

4. Represents the Teacher Assistant position and the agency in a hospitable manner to guests of the agency and in contacts outside of the agency.

5. Maintains a positive and cooperative relationship with all staff, parents, and volunteers of the agency.

6. Participates in a Professional Development Plan as requested by the Team Leader and the Associate Director of Extended Child Care.

7. Performs other duties assigned by the Lead Teacher and the Executive Director or Associate Directors of Extend Child Care.

Minimal Qualifications Required:

At least 18 years of age and able to read and write. A high school diploma (or its equivalent) is required. All assistants must be able to lift, hold, and move holding a weight of 50 pounds. EEO

Interested applicants may send a cover letter and resume to ambrandenburg@chamblisscenter.org