Receptionist I- AIM CENTER, INC.

JOB TITLE: Receptionist I

JOB CLASSIFICATION: Part-time, Non-exempt


The purpose of the Receptionist I position is to provide direct clerical and pre-billing support to the Clubhouse while working side-by-side with clubhouse members in the operation of the clubhouse reception desk(s).

REPORTS TO: Director of Administration



Collaborates with Reception Desk Staff and Members in the Following Functions:

• Creates the weekly Member Badge CSV file from AWARDS (the member electronic health record) for use with the electronic badge system located at each Reception Desk.

• Performs pre-billing functions including generating and auditing of daily member attendance and contact logs reports.

• Corrects conflicts in member service documentation by providing discrepancy reports to Service Coordinators.

• Updates the Receptionist Handbook used in the Reception Desk Training Activity.

• Updates the Staff Sign-In Sheet to ensure new hires are added and terminated employees are removed from the sheet.

Maintains the Following Functions:

• Performs all duties working side-by-side with the members serving in the capacity of Receptionist Assistant, Greeter and escorts.

• Fosters healthy relationships by mentoring a positive professional attitude while working side-by-side with members.

• Provides Reception Desk training to members who have expressed a desire to learn the functions and responsibilities of the AIM Center Receptionist.

• Greets and assists visitors with sign-in, providing information, and directing them to locations in the facility.

• Ensures all members sign-in upon entrance to the facility and sign-out upon exiting the facility.

• Secures and maintains the confidentiality of all sign-in sheets containing protected health information (PHI) to ensure HIPAA compliance.

• Promotes clubhouse safety by ensuring all persons entering building are authorized visitors. Immediately notifies the Director of Administration in the event of an emergency or potential threat to the clubhouse.

• Immediately notifies Program Director (if absent, a designee) in the event of any member emergency including a mental health crisis, display of inappropriate behavior, etc.

• In the event of a medical emergency, the Receptionist will dial “911” for an ambulance to be dispatched to the facility; and, if the emergency is potential life threatening due to violence, the Receptionist will dial “911” for the police to be dispatched to the facility. Completes an Incident Report for every event.

• Operates telephone system in a professional manner to relay incoming, outgoing, and interoffice calls. May record and route messages for clubhouse members.

• Answers general inquiries and obtains information for members, visitors, and other interested parties. Provides information regarding activities conducted at establishment; and directory assistance for location of units, offices, and employees within facility.


• Must be a problem solver; be thorough, dedicated and devoted to the position.

• Must have reliable transportation.

• Must be flexible

• Must have a professional appearance and be well-groomed.

• Must have a GED or high school diploma

• Must be able to read and write.

• Must complete a drug attestation and submit to background check

• Demonstrate understanding of the obligations, functions and philosophy of the clubhouse and units as it relates to staff, members and the community.

• Demonstrate ability to clearly and concisely express ideas and knowledge verbally and in writing with individuals and groups.

• Demonstrate ability to manage and organize own time in effort to meet assignments.

• Demonstrate ability to exercise sound judgment and to act decisively under pressure.

• Demonstrate adherence to established clubhouse policy, procedures and practices.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: The employee filling this position must:

• Be proficient in the use of a personal computer.

• Knowledgeable of AIM Center policies and procedures after completion of required training.

• Conceptualize and communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

• Synthesize information, make decisions, and consistently follow through on completion of task

• Exhibit professionalism and competence.

• Must be proficient in verbal communication skills and use correct grammar both on the telephone and intercom systems as well as directly with member and visitors.

All interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume’ to