Educational Assistant – General Education: Hamilton County Schools

Join our team at Hamilton County Schools as an Educational Assistant. This is a full time, hourly position with benefits.

The goal of Hamilton County Schools is to be the fastest improving district in the state of Tennessee. Our educational assistants will assist Hamilton County Schools in reaching our Future-Ready 2023 goals by accelerating student achievement and preparing students to be future-ready.

The purpose of this job is to provide teaching assistance under the direction of a licensed teacher in the implementation of Individual Education Programs for students with disabilities in classrooms or as otherwise needed.

Interested candidates should apply at

Primary Job Duties & Responsibilities:

• Assists teachers in classroom or other educational settings; oversees, monitors, or conducts classes during the temporary absence of teachers; assists teachers in setting up and conducting various class activities and projects; works with and assists students during class activities and projects; prepares instructional materials for classroom use; copies materials for use by teachers; sets up and assists with classroom technology; assists in administering and grading tests; assists in evaluating student performance and skill levels; creates bulletin boards, displays, or wall decorations; and assists with cleanup activities.

• Provides tutoring or one-on-one assistance to students in basic educational skills; assists students with word study, spelling, sentence writing, reading, math, science, physical education, or other areas; utilizes instructional programs; assists with development of lesson plans.

• Monitors students in cafeteria, auditorium, halls, bus zones, or other common areas; organizes groups of students upon arrival/departure; seats students in appropriate areas; assists in cleaning tables or spills; chaperones students on field trips occurring during the regular school day only.

• Monitors behavior/activities of students and initiates disciplinary action per prescribed policies under the teacher’s direction.

• Performs clerical tasks in support of teaching activities, office operations, and/or other school functions.

• Attends staff meetings, parent meetings, IEP-Team meetings, or other meetings as required

• Maintains confidentiality.

• Adheres to the Teacher Code of Ethics as defined by Tennessee Law.