Hospitality Attendant- The Chattanooga Community Kitchen

The Chattanooga Community Kitchen, a non-profit social service ministry serving those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Chattanooga Area, is seeking a Hospitality Attendant to aid in establishing a positive, accountable environment for those seeking services.

Vital to the mission of the organization, the Hospitality Attendant will serve as a front-line contact for those coming to the Kitchen in their time of need. The Hospitality Attendant will work closely with the rest of the program staff to connect homeless individuals with services that will help them transition out of homelessness.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, the Chattanooga Community Kitchen will accept applications until the position is filled. The full time, hourly position offers benefits and competitive pay.

Interested parties should send a resume, cover letter, pay requirements and any additional information to or by mail to Hospitality Search, Chattanooga Community Kitchen Post Office Box 11203, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37401. No phone calls, please.

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Under the supervision of the Day Center Manager and Community Relations Coordinator, the Hospitality Attendant is a versatile employee, able to move between serving as a Day Center Desk Attendant or a Welcome Center Desk Attendant. In both areas, the Hospitality Attendant is responsible for creating a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere for all people visiting the Chattanooga Community Kitchen (CCK). The Hospitality Attendant (HA) typically works four 10-hour shifts during the week. The HA could work in the Day Center or Welcome Center each week or a combination of both as the need requires.

As a Welcome Center Attendant, the Hospitality Attendant will:

• Create a warm and welcoming environment for all CCK visitors

• Accept donations and mail on behalf of the agency according to established policies

• Keep donation carts and equipment clean, organized, and free of debris

• Guide volunteers, guests, and other visitors to appropriate departments and services

• Assist the Food Services staff with control and supervision of the dining room

• Conduct opening and closing procedures for the Welcome Center

• Communicate with other staff to notify of visitors

• Maintain the cleanliness of the workspace including the lawn and sidewalks

• Train and assist Welcome Center volunteers

• Enforce the rules and policies of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen

• Other duties as assigned

As a Day Center Attendant, the Hospitality Attendant will:

• Create a warm, welcoming environment in the day center

• Perform proper opening, closing, and supervision of day center

• Conduct triage assessments with people needing services

• Document services provided for individuals to meet community data needs

• Maintain a clean, orderly, and safe day center

• Conduct mail distribution, assign telephone usage, provide laundry and hygiene services, and assist people with other needs as directed by the mission of CCK.

• Give direction to new guests for other appropriate programs and agencies for service

• Enforce day center rules and regulation

• Assist volunteer groups and agencies to conduct events and activities in the day center

• Provide interview room access to outside agencies and personnel providing supportive services

• Assist other departments and programs of CCK as needed

• Perform other duties as requested by the day center supervisor

The Qualified Candidate is

• Highly intelligent with a high school diploma or equivalent

• Experienced monitoring large groups of people or mass movement situations

• Able to handle crisis situations while maintaining professional composure and confidence

• Committed to serving the guests of CCK with compassion, dignity, and respect

• Clear and effective communicator

• Attentive to detail

• Competent in basic math skills

• Able to spend a significant portion of the day walking, lifting, pulling, pushing twisting, leaning over, and bending at the knees numerous times during shift

• Able to lift up to 50lbs. continuously throughout the day

• Able to transition between tasks on a moment’s notice

• Committed to and believes in the mission and vision of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen