Executive Director - Emily's Power for a Cure



The Executive Director is responsible for leadership and management of Emily’s Power for a Cure Neuroblastoma Foundation, which exists to EmPower families, Fund research and Fight Neuroblastoma. Emily’s Power for a Cure funds neuroblastoma research and provides financial and emotional support to families in the Chattanooga area who are currently battling neuroblastoma.

The Executive Director reports to and works in close partnership with the Emily’s Power for a Cure Board of Directors and is responsible for developing and managing a $100,000 annual budget. The Executive Director is responsible for managing paid, volunteer, and contract staff.


General Management

  • Oversee all programs, services, activities, and facilities; ensures that all program objectives are met
  • Hire, fire, train, and evaluate staff in accord with policies and state and federal law
  • Work with the Board to organize an annual planning process with appropriate staff and Board members
  • Prepare an annual budget with appropriate staff and Board committees; submit budget to the Board for approval
  • Monitor receipts,  expenditures, and cash flow; report to Board or finance committee monthly. Resolve any problems in conjunction with the finance committee
  • Be alert to potential issues and opportunities that may affect the Foundation and ensure that proactive positions are taken

Board Support and Leadership

  • Bring all appropriate issues and policy decisions to the Board in a timely manner so they are addressed and resolved
  • Assist the Board in Board development
  • Provide all Board committees with competent staff support
  • Help to maintain Board interest and enthusiasm


Fund Development/Income Generation

  • Apply for grants or other type funds from outside sources in a timely fashion; keep the Board informed of outcomes
  • Research potential new sources of funds for existing programs.
  • Be alert to potential funding sources for new programs; bring to Board or appropriate committee for inclusion in the Foundation’s planning process
  • Nurture relationships with active and prospective donors
  • Public Relations
  • Ensure that the Foundation has a visible and effective public image through regular use of the media, social media, speaking engagements, and a presence at all appropriate public functions
  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers who interact with the public do so in an informed and effective manner
  • Establish and maintain contact with key individuals in local government, other nonprofit agencies, and the business sector to further the Foundation’s public image and reputation.
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles as they relate to nonprofit organizations
  • Knowledge of federal and state legislation applicable to nonprofits
  • Knowledge of current challenges and opportunities facing the nonprofit sector
  • Knowledge of human resources management, financial management, program development, and fund development

Personal Characteristics

  • Adaptable – flexible, versatile, tolerant while still being effective and efficient
  • Behaves Ethically – personal ethics and behavior align with the organization’s values
  • Builds Relationships – establishes and maintains positive working relationships, both internal and external
  • Creative/Innovative – develops new and unique ways to deliver services and generate income
  • Customer Service Stakeholder – anticipates, understands, and responds to client needs
  • Team Builder – works cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems, and makes decisions to enhance the organization’s effectiveness
  • Decision Maker – assesses situations to determine importance, urgency, and risks, and makes clear decisions which are timely and in the best interest of the Foundation.
  • Organized – sets priorities, develops a work schedule, monitors progress toward goals, and tracks details, data, information, and activities
  • Planner – determines strategies to move the Foundation forward. Sets goals, creates and implements action plans, and evaluates the process and results
  • Problem Solver – assesses problem situations to identify causes, gathers and processes relevant information, generates possible solutions, and makes recommendations and/or resolves the problem
  • Strategic Thinker –assesses options and actions based on trends and conditions in the environment and the vision and values of the Foundation


  • Experience in nonprofit management, including supervising paid staff and volunteers
  • Experience working with a nonprofit board of directors
  • Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree preferred
  • Working knowledge of nonprofit fiscal management, including fund accounting and budgeting
  • Demonstrated ability in public speaking, clear and effective written and oral communication, and effective group skills
  • Experience planning large-scale events and developing positive relationships with vendors
  • Personal stability, maturity, optimism, and a sense of humor

All applications should be sent to Wendy Ransom.