The Chattanooga Community Kitchen, a nonprofit social service agency, serving those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, is seeking a talented, professional individual for the position of Hospitality Manager.

Vital to the mission of the Community Kitchen, the Hospitality Manager is responsible for giving visitors, guests, and donors a welcoming environment. The Hospitality Manager oversees the Community Kitchen’s Welcome and Day Centers – the primary points of initial contact for people visiting or seeking services.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, the Community Kitchen will receive applications until the position is filled. Competitive pay, benefits, and leave offered.

Interested parties should send a resume, cover letter, salary request, and another other information via email to or by mail to Hospitality Manager Search, PO Box 11203, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37401. No Phone Calls Please.

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Full job description below:

Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Hospitality Manager for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen is responsible for creating a welcoming, compassionate environment for all who use the facility. Overseeing the Day Center and Welcome Center areas, the Hospitality Manager establishes an engaging and welcoming experience for CCK guests, donors, volunteers, and visitors. 

As a hospitality coordinator, the Hospitality Manager:

  • Leads the Day and Welcome Center staff to provide a compassionate, safe, and friendly environment for CCK guests, program participants, volunteers, donors, service providers, and all others utilizing the space
  • Ensures that all visitors are treated with dignity and respect
  • Leads the planning, approving, scheduling, publicizing, and executing of events designed to engage, enrich, and educate those we serve
  • Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to increase volunteer participation
  • Ensures uninterrupted operation of the Day and Welcome Centers during operating hours
  • Develops an understanding of homeless services and works to implement proven best practices throughout assigned areas
  • Ensures the cleanliness and appearance of assigned areas

As a supervisor, the Hospitality Manager:

  • Is responsible for all operational aspects of the Day Center and Welcome Center
  • Schedules and supervises all staff assigned to the Day and Welcome Centers
  • Leads the interviewing and hiring process for hospitality staff
  • Oversees the firm, fair, and consistent enforcement of CCK policies in all assigned areas
  • Ensures timely completion and submission of payroll documents, leave requests, and timesheets for all departmental employees
  • Gives direction to volunteers and groups assisting in the Day and Welcome Centers as well as the Dining Room
  • Ensures that proper opening and closing procedures are executed daily as a program manager over the Day Center, Welcome Center, and Donations staff, the Hospitality Manager:
  • Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train, and schedule volunteers to staff both desks and provide table service in the Dining Room
  • Ensures proper handling of all donations by donation staff
  • Supplies the Welcome and Day Centers with needed operating materials
  • Maintains a posted calendar of scheduled events, volunteers, and visiting agencies
  • Prepares and submits monthly reports for program and grant compliance

As a team player, the Hospitality Manager:

  • Provides input and advice on all major issues related to the organization
  • Works with staff to establish and follow designated work flow patterns
  • Assists with supporting and training employees from all departments as needed
  • Reports any financial, organizational, risk, personnel, or other concerns to the DOO, COO, and CEO immediately upon recognition
  • Is available to respond to after-hours and weekend emergencies/occurrences as a member of the on-call rotation
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Highly intelligent with a high school diploma (preference for higher education)
  • Experience in hospitality, customer service, and/or event planning
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of personalities, backgrounds, experiences, and skills
  • Ability to transition between tasks on a moment’s notice
  • Belief in and commitment to the mission and vision of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen
  • Computer literacy to include Microsoft Office Suite (Word and Excel)
  • 1 year direct supervisory experience (volunteer management experience a plus)
  • 2 years case management, social service, or equivalent experience (preference for experience working directly with individuals and families experiencing homelessness)
  • Ability to handle crisis situations while maintaining professional composure and confidence