Sac Pac Coordinator- The Caring Place


The Sac Pac Coordinator is responsible for supervision of the Sac Pac program. Duties include but are not limited to: management of the volunteer staff; purchasing, packing, and distributing the Sac Pacs; coordination with the schools; administering program surveys; and reporting to The Caring Place staff. This part-time position varies between 10 to 20 hours per week during the school year (August through May) primarily on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The Sac Pac Coordinator reports to the Executive Director.

Duties Include:

1. Volunteer recruitment and training:

• Utilize available resources to recruit volunteers which include the United Way’s Volunteer Center of Ocoee Region, public speaking opportunities, Cleveland State Community College, and The Caring Place Volunteer Coordinator

• Train and schedule volunteers

• Track hours worked by volunteers and reports totals to The Caring Place Director of Operations on a monthly basis by deadline

• Work with The Caring Place Volunteer Coordinator to maintain a current database of contact information for volunteers as well as updated job descriptions for each volunteer position in Sac Pac.

2. School Collaboration:

• Responsible for collaborating with teachers, counselors and administrators at participating schools including but not limited to annual meeting, monthly phone check-in, and weekly updates on delivery needs

• Participate in annual meeting with school administrators on program evaluation

• Maintain a current MOU with each participating school

• Clear communication of expectations regarding the delivery of Sac Pacs

• Maintain relationship with school liaison and address any concerns as needed

3. Food Procurement and Distribution:

• Locate the best food prices for Sac Pac food items (may not always be food bank)

• Maintaining an inventory of food on hand as well as the estimated food required to serve students with minimal food product leftover at year end

• Use the Chattanooga Area Food Band automated food ordering system to order food for delivery ahead of packing requirements.

• Frequent communication with The Caring Place Food Warehouse Manager with the goal of fully utilizing purchasing power

• Responsible for the yearly Sac Pac food budget, including reporting monthly to the financial officer of The Caring Place all expenditures including receipts and invoices for purchases

• Responsible to coordinate with the schools each week to validate the number of Pacs to be delivered each Thursday

• Communicate with schools when weather may disrupt delivery to deliver Wednesday or Friday as appropriate

• Support the delivery team in loading pallets each Thursday and drive the delivery box truck to the schools

4. Reporting:

• Responsible for monthly status reports of the program; reports includes, but is not limited to, number of Pacs filled and delivered per school, contacts made with schools outside of delivery schedule, success stories, and volunteer management

• Attend monthly staff meetings

• Compile and distribute an annual survey to participating school personnel at the end of each school year. Survey results will be sent to Caring Place administration

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree desired in one of the following areas: behavioral and social sciences, human resources, communications, business or marketing

Needed Capabilities and Skills:

• High level of commitment to the mission and purpose of The Caring Place

• Driver’s License and ability to drive a box truck for Sac Pac deliveries

• Ability to teach, direct, and motivate volunteers, be organized and work well with minimal supervision

• Strength, dexterity and vision capabilities to use pallet mover and fork lift

• Ability to lift up to 40 pounds repeatedly through the day and stand for up to half a day on a concrete floor

• Ability to prioritize projects, meet deadlines and adapt quickly to changes

• Ability to use MS Office applications and on-line food purchasing systems

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to work irregular hours

• Trustworthy and reliable