Request for Proposal: Chattanooga's Early Learning Childcare Scholarship Program Development


United Way of Greater Chattanooga envisions a community where all individuals and families achieve their full human potential through education, stability, and healthy living. United Way of Greater Chattanooga leads a community initiative called Project Ready for School (PRFS) that enlists public and private organizations in working towards the community goal of having every child enter school with the skills to be successful. One of the initiatives of PRFS is Chattanooga’s Early Learning Childcare Scholarship. Chattanooga’s Early Learning Childcare Scholarship assists families who need support with childcare tuition as they work or strive to improve their employment skills through the pursuit of educational opportunities in order to better support their families.

United Way of Greater Chattanooga is currently accepting proposals to evaluate all aspects of the current scholarship program and develop effective community awareness and outreach strategies, procedures and policies, including but not limited to, sliding fee scales. All aspects of the scholarship were originally developed in 2016 with input from community focus groups and have continually been refined. In an effort to assist the maximum amount of families as possible, highly effective procedures need to be developed and implemented.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from various candidates, conduct a fair and extensive evaluation based on criteria listen herein, and select the candidate who best represents the skills to ensure United Way of Greater Chattanooga accomplishes the goals set for Chattanooga’s Early Learning Childcare Scholarship program.


This Request for Proposal represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. Proposals will be accepted until 5pm EST October 31, 2018- . Any proposals received after this date and time will be returned to the sender. All proposals must be signed by an official agent or representative of the company submitting the proposal.

If the organization submitting a proposal must outsource or contract any work to meet the requirements contained herein, this must be clearly stated in the proposal. Additionally, all costs included in proposals must be all-inclusive to include any outsourced or contracted work. Any proposals which call for outsourcing or contracting work must include a name and description of the organizations being contracted.

All costs must be itemized to include an explanation of all fees and costs.

Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder for this RFP. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by United Way of Greater Chattanooga and will include scope, budget, schedule, and other necessary items pertaining to the project.


The purpose of this project is as follows:

Chattanooga’s Early Learning Childcare Scholarship was developed in 2016 and has been able to offer financial assistance to families in the community, but is looking to increase our outreach and develop more effective procedures, including the implementation of a sliding fee scale. United Way of Greater Chattanooga believes that by implementing a sliding fee scale we will be able to serve more families and therefore are searching for the individual who can bring expertise in both program development and sliding scale implantation.


➢ Assist with the managing and operations of the Chattanooga’s Early Learning Childcare Scholarship’s current processes and procedures before new processes and procedures are developed and implemented

● Receiving and reviewing scholarship applications, determining eligibility, and notifying applicant

● Tracking attendance and managing billing for present and future scholarships

● Facilitating ongoing meetings with childcare directors across Hamilton County to increase awareness about the scholarship program

● Drive program expansion and development through cultivating relationships with community stakeholders

● Continuous support to childcare director, scholarship families, and applicants

➢ Develop a program protocol and Standard Operating Procedure (including a logic model) that is responsive to families, provides exceptional stewardship of funding, and requires a light to moderate amount of administrative overhead.

➢ Develop a set of intake materials including:

● Family application

● Provider agreement

● Scoring rubric

● Standard communications with families

➢ Develop recommended Memorandum of Understanding documents for partnering organizations particularly Head Start, Childcare Certificate, and Voluntary Pre-K

➢ Develop a monitoring protocol

➢ Develop a set of recommendations for next steps and continuous quality improvements


Project Timeline:

Project initiation phase must be completed by December 31, 2018.

Project planning phase must be completed by January 20, 2018. Project planning phase will determine the timeline/schedule for the remaining phases of the project.


This section of the Request for Proposal should explain budget items, list pricing and describe what exactly would be included in the pricing for the proposal. This section should also describe specific items to include or exclude depending on the organizations need to effectively complete the proposed scope of work.


● Experience with subsidized childcare programs, e.g., Head Start, Childcare Certificates (subsidy programs), sliding scale payment schedules, Voluntary Pre-K, and scholarship funds

● Experience developing and executing early learning programs for population-level outcomes

● Understanding of and experience with evidence based/informed programming

● Excellent communication and customer service skills


United Way of Greater Chattanooga will evaluate all proposals based on the following criteria.

● Overall proposal suitability: proposed solution(s) must meet the scope and needs included herein and be presented in a clear and organized manner.

● Organizational Experience: Applicant will be evaluated on their experience as it pertains to the scope of this project

● Applicant must provide descriptions and documentation and of program development and subsidy experience.

Each applicant must submit 1 copies of their proposal to the address below by November 23 at 5pm EST: