Community Health Specialist- Cempa Community Care

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The Community Health Specialist will report to the Prevention, Education, and Outreach Director. The Community Health Specialist will provide HIV/AIDS, HCV, and STI testing, prevention, and education to at-risk populations. The Community Health Specialist will provide Comprehensive Risk Reduction Counseling and Services (CRRCS) to HIV+ and/or high-risk individuals. The Community Health Specialist will be an integral part of supporting the vision and mission of the Prevention, Education, and Outreach Department. As a representative of Cempa Community Care, the Community Health Specialist must project a professional attitude and appearance while conducting educational programming that is innovative to the community. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

RESPONSIBILITIES / ACCOUNTABILITIES (includes, but not limited to):

Grant Deliverables:

• Annually, contributes 900 rapid HIV tests and pre-and post-test direction/counseling for clients at high risk of acquiring HIV with at least a positivity rate of one tenth of one percent, (1%).

• Seek and assist in the implementation and maintenance of prevention programming opportunities from agencies and individuals within the Cempa Community Care prevention service region.

• Shall ensure that at least 80% of all newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals tested are successfully link to HIV care within 30 days of receiving their test results.


• Serves on agency and community committees to provide information on HIV/AIDS, HCV, and STIs.

• Educates clients about the importance of participating in adherence of their medical and medication treatment as well as harm reduction, prevention and other HIV, HCV and related sexual transmitted infections (STIs) including individualized sessions and educational workshops.

• Conducts HIV/AIDS, HCV, and STI prevention programs throughout the community.

• Provides information and referrals pertaining to PrEP to high risk populations.

• Conducts outreach, provides guidance and support to schools in achieving the goals of the HIV/STI Prevention Initiative.

• Collaborates with community partners in the development of youth mentorship and leadership opportunities in HIV/STI Prevention Initiative.

• Develops and implements sexual health awareness curriculums for at-risk populations.

• Provides development on sexual health education and sexual health services to at-risk populations.

• Supports department infrastructure on sexual health-related services, including creation of programs on utilizing youth-friendly referral systems, sexual health service community resources, and establishing appropriate reporting and tracking systems for outreach programs.

• Works with staff, volunteers, and interns to accomplish testing and continuous HIV education.

• Supports HIV, HCV, and STI prevention public relations as directed by Cempa Community Care.


• Processes documentation required by state and local funding sources as required.

• Documents all activities and services provided for a timely submission.

• Submits assorted statistical information relative to prevention programming on a monthly basis to the Prevention, Education and Outreach Director.

• Reports positive results to the local health department within 24 hours of the testing.

• Reports monthly to Prevention Specialist II the number of valid tests conducted, number of new positive infections identified, number of previously tested positive results, the number of individuals who received their test results, and the number of tested individuals linked to care.

• Reports false positive or invalid results to the state within 24 hours of the test result.

• Performs routine self-audits and maintains charts to ensure clients’ information and eligibility documents are current.


• Continues professional training and education to advance knowledge and skills of HIV/AIDS, HCV and STI.

• Attends agency, local, state, and national meetings, conferences, trainings, or workshops if needed or required.

• Creates and develops in-service curriculums pertaining to sexual health programs for continuing education.

• Creates and develops well-rounded sexual health programs for at-risk populations.


• Promotes and practices Cempa’s values and mission and adheres to all policies and procedures.

• Maintains confidentiality regarding client and/or family in accordance with professional and departmental standards.

• Adheres to policies and procedures for Cempa and other off-site programs to ensure quality standards are met.

• Practices safety, environmental, and/or any other OSHA regulations.

• Utilizes resources and supplies in a cost-effective manner.

• Demonstrates courtesy and respect in all interpersonal relationships with Cempa clients, staff, and visitors.

• Attends Cempa’s staff meetings and events.

Skills and Abilities:

• Effective communication and interpersonal skills with clients, visitors and staff members.

• Demonstrates strong computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.

• Demonstrates excellent writing, editing, and verbal skills.

• Ability to prioritize and organize workload, multi-task, adapt quickly to change and deliver under pressure.

• Demonstrates multi-cultural sensitivity and interest in working with underserved communities.

• Ability to work in a team-oriented environment.

• Willingness to work on nights and weekends as needed.

Job Qualifications:

• Bachelor's Degree in: Psychology, Sociology, Public Health, or a closely related field.

• Knowledge of HIV, HCV, STI’s, and sexual health preferred.

• Must pass criminal background check, and drug testing.

• Valid driver’s license.

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Posted qualifications serve as a guide for candidate review and are not all inclusive. Cempa Community Care reserves the right to deviate from posted credentials in determining what combination of candidate education, experience and skills are best suited to a position.

Cempa Community Care is an equal provider of services and an equal opportunity employer--Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.