Network Administrator- The Samaritan Center

Job Title: Network Administrator

Reports to: Director of Operations

Summary: Provides users with network technical support, and other duties as assigned by the Director of Operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assembles and configures network components and associated services;

• Sets up and maintains basic network operations, including assembly of network hardware.

• Performs network troubleshooting to isolate and diagnoses common network problems;

• Upgrades network hardware and software components are required;

• Installs, upgrades and configures network printing, directory structures, rights, security, software and files services;

• Provides users with network technical support;

• Responds to needs and questions of users concerning their access of network resources;

• Establishes network users, user environments, directories, and security for networks being installed;

• Installs and tests necessary software and hardware.

Qualification Requirements:

• Ability to work independently and take initiative to see that deadlines are met and work gets done

• Dependable, punctual, and honest in dealing with time, money and materials

• Good knowledge of business English

• Good interpersonal communication skills

• Ability to work cooperatively with others

• Keyboard and computer skills

Physical Demands:

• Requires sitting, standing, bending and reaching. May require lifting up to 20 pounds. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as computers, fax machines, calculators, telephone and other office equipment. Requires normal range of hearing and vision.

The hours for the job is Monday-Thursday 8 am -5pm and applicants can submit a resume to